4th Vietnam Hockey Tournament 2011

The Fabulous Freo Flyers attended the 4th Vietnam Hockey Tournament over the weekend of the 12th and 13th November in Ho Chi Minh City. Team members were Lee Abbott, Alex Winner, John Rogers, Emily Rogers, Joel Walker, Rowan Macfarlane, John Macfarlane

and Darrel Bruse assisted by the talents of expat, ex-ice hockey player Gordon North who runs www.dingodeli.com in Hoi An and Catherine Czjetkovic as our brilliant goalie.

We played 5 games on the Sat and scored in the last game for the first time! Open bribing of the umpires and other teams as a matter of course gave us little or no advantage…but was all very funny.

Darrel, Joel and Rowan also participated in umpiring at the event and did a grand job for Freo.

Despite our first 4 scoreless qualifying matches, John finally scored off an excellent pass from Rowan then did the big shirt-over-the-head trick generally making an idiot of himself as he is known to do on rare occasions. This scoring was , of course, pure strategy…so that we ended up in the Bowl event.

Our first semi final game on the Sunday saw us with a WIN! against a Malaysian team.

Rowan scored a fine goal first after showing excellent dexterity and ball control then John got a beauty away after yet another blinding pass from Rowan to give us a 2: 1 win!. Pandamonium and spontaneous applause followed as all spectators were on Freo’s side (or that’s how it seemed to us at the time)

Then of course we crashed back to reality and lost the next game….so we were out. All great fun, 10 minute games in hot conditions. Turf grounds were 40m x 20m.

The girls and Alex Winner also played for a Vietnamese team (Tornados) which saw them playing twice as many games…great effort ! They ended up being in the Semis on Sunday which saw a similar result as for the main Freo Team

Great team camaraderie and fun all round..blokes playing in skirts, wigs etc. Nicknames on team shirts included “Boobs” , “Disco”  “Tim-Tam” so you get the general idea.

Friday night drinks at Club Seventeen where they had a Phillipino band going off playing ACDC, Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber etc…..Joels face says it all…or maybe he was contemplating the skimpies????? I’m not sure. Most were home early we are led to believe.

Sat night dinner was at the Grand Hotel where costume dress up was required. Freo went with the Black and white theme and posed as a cross walk on stage (yep pretty lamo I know…but, hey, we tried…honest!)

Singapore team stole the show with 9 macho individuals (including Blaz!…splitter!) in full Singapore Airlines- Hostie uniform complete with fake moustache and elegant attitude (that last bit wore off a bit as the night progressed).  There were also plenty of Romans, Togas, Life savers (NT team) etc.adding to an excellent night for all.

Unnamed individuals were reported to be seen slinking back to hotels at around 5.00am local time!

The club donated 4 bags of excess goalie gear to the Tornados Hockey Club to help with the growth of Field Hockey in Vietnam. This was very gratefully accepted by the club and used during the tournament.

Many thanks to Singapore Airlines who sponsored the freighting of the this gear to Ho Chi Minh City on our behalf.

Great trip, great fun, excellent country in which to travel and oh so cheap.

Next year promises to be bigger and better.

Cheers,  John Rogers

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