*NEW* KMF Wine Offer! Order Now!!


2018 Wine Order Form

Fremantle Hockey Club is moving steadily towards its new home with pre-tendering activities well underway and we really need funds to meet our contribution commitment. These wines are an important part of our fundraising. We haven’t been greedy on profit margins, so we need a lot of sales! We hope that you will order and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to order too.

Thanks to both Plantagenet and Happs Wines for their support for this fundraiser.

Mixed Orders are accepted in full carton lots (12 bottles)

Plantagenet Samson 2017 Rosé $125/dozen: Tasting Notes 

Plantagenet Samson 2014 Sauvignon Blanc Semillon $125/dozen:Tasting Notes

Omrah 2013 Chardonnay $125/dozen : Tasting Notes

Happs 2012 Late Picked Semillon (sweet) $125/dozen : Tasting Notes

Omrah 2014 Shiraz $125/dozen : Tasting Notes

Omrah 2013 Cabernet Merlot $125/dozen : Tasting Notes

Omrah 2013 Pinot Noir $125/dozen : Tasting Notes

You won’t be disappointed. These are good wines at really good prices!

Orders are now open with deliveries every 2 weeks (subject to order volumes).

Fill in an order form  above or contact Andrew Robertson on ajhome@aras.net.au or 0417 927 034. Pay by transfer to our account, by card (1% surcharge), cheque or cash. Payment details are on the wine order form.