Turf Trailblazer contributions are now tax deductible through the existing ASF arrangements

We have just had good news from the Australian Sports Foundation and now donors can become Turf Trailblazers AND get a tax deduction by donating $500 through the ASF scheme. Go to www.freohockey.com/donate or contact Stacey@faj.com.au to make it happen.

Not only that but people who have already made a tax deductible donation can ‘top up’ their donation to $500 to become Turf Trailblazers and those who have already donated $500 or more can immediately claim a plaque on the Turf Trailblazers Honour Board. Just contact Stacey if you want information on your donations so far.

Wait….. there’s more…… you can still donate in this financial year (before the end of June) and in July 2019 to reach your target donation and get a tax deduction in both years. Please help us jump our final hurdle.

The updated guidelines for the Turf Trailblazer scheme can be found at www.lakelandshockey.com/how-you-can-help/fundraising.