400 Game as Manager – Clayton Wright

Congratulations Clayton Wright on achieving the significant milestone of 400 games as manager of Fremantle’s Premier League men’s 1’s side. An amazing achievement.

What can I say about Clayton that has not already been said over the years by those who have had the pleasure of knowing him. Clayton, more affectionately known as Clayboy or Little Pud, has been a mainstay for the 1’s side ever since I first moved to Perth way back in 2001.

This quiet and considerate bloke has experienced more ups and downs during Freo’s return to the top grade than he probably cares to remember. He was present during some of the toughest periods when relegation for the 1’s was looming large, through to the highest of highs winning the premiership in 2006. He has been a reliable team member that goes about his business without fanfare or gripe and his demeanour and unassuming nature belies his knowledge and appreciation for the game.

When Clay talks (albeit very quietly) everyone listens. His watchful eye and knowledge of the game is the end product of watching 400 1’s games and absorbing more hockey than I can even begin to imagine. His ability to recall many a titbit or moment from our playing days (away trips included) is unmatched and is testament to how much he analyses and cares for the game.

I can honestly say that without Clayboy at the helm we would have fallen in a heap, because let’s be honest, the coaches over the years couldn’t organise a drink up in a brewery (or maybe that was the only thing they could organise?). Clayboy is more than just a manager, he is a sounding board for coaches and players alike, a master organiser, a confidant, a tactician and above all is a level head and calming influence. Of which the latter, we all know is something that Freo (maybe me) has required on more than one occasion. I think we are all in agreement that Clayboy is a legend of the club who has gone about his business with no fuss or in search of accolades (deservedly they find him anyway) and I cannot think of a more diligent and dedicated person to have as part of our team. 

His personal team behind the scenes in Tara, ‘mini me manager’, Darcy and Asher have been unwavering in their support of Clayboy and his commitment (and theirs) to Freo. They too deserve as much recognition for their contributions to the club and their efforts in seeing him reach this milestone and we thank you for your continued support. Once again congratulations on this amazing achievement mate, I can’t think of a better bloke to have in the dugout with us and I look forward to having you alongside us when we bring home the cutlery after the final dance in 2019.

Darryl (Dazza) McCormick