Bob Kernaghan Award


Services to the club from non-playing members:

  • Can be awarded to the same person more than once
  • Preferable to be awarded to a new recipient each year.

Nomination Process

General Committee to form a sub-committee to decide upon a recipient. Look also at junior parents/committee as well as non-playing partners of seniors.


Large Perpetual Trophy and smaller cup awarded at the Senior Wind-up. The Perpetual Trophy to remain in the clubrooms trophy cabinet.

Should be awarded annually

Bob Kernaghan Award WINNERS

1987 Ken Golding
1988 Maxine Strother
1989 Gerry Friday
1990 L Evans
1991 Sue Golding
1992 Margaret Powers
1993 Jill Brown
1994 Margaret Powers
1995 Graham Greenacre
1996 Rhonda Kent
1997 Shelley Worth
1998 Terri Nicholls
1999 Natalie Strother
2000 Debbie Gambie
2001 Julie Robertson
2002 Gil Noonan
2003 Kaylene Blazejczyk
2005 Suzanne Payze
2006 Laurie Packham
2007 Peter Payze
2008 Natalie Strother
2009 Jennifer O’Donnell
2010 Tracey Bird
2013 Melissa Fitzgerald
2014 Lill Raine
2015 Marc Di Sabato
2016 Connie Collins

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