Golden Stick Award


Awarded to the club’s highest goalscorer for the season from any grade:

  • The scorer of the most goals in a season subject to the following
  • Only one game/week will count in the final tally
  • If a player scores in two or more games in the same week (as defined by WAHA/WAWHA then only the team in which he/she has scored the most goals for the season shall count towards the tally
  • Challenge Cups or other finals matches will not count towards the final tally.
  • Can be won more than once

Nomination Process

The Club Records Officer shall apply the above rules to all players and in the event of missing records ascertain who the goalscorers were for those games.


Perpetual Trophy and smaller replica to be awarded at the Senior Wind-up. The Perpetual Trophy will remain in the Club’s Trophy cabinet. Awarded annually

PAST WINNERS OF Kareece Hudson-Brown, Golden Stick Award

1998 Kareece Hudson-Brown *
1999 Craig Burgess
2000 Craig Burgess
2001 Wayne Blazejczyk
2002 Craig Burgess
2003 Michelle Hitchins
2004 Connie Collins
2005 Jeremy Hiskins
2006 Craig Burgess & Cameron Fare (22)
2007 Robert Golding & Melanie Smith (26)
2008 Rachel Robertson
2009 Wayne Blazejczyk  (22)
2010 Sian Nelson
2011 Rob Golding
2012 Andrew Shaw (22)

2015 Michelle Owens

2016 Erin Hall

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