Life Members


  • Hudson Memorial Winner
  • Played a minimum of 250 games with Fremantle Hockey Club
  • Preferably currently active within the club.
Nomination Process
A nomination for the award (in the form of a motion) is put before the General Committee for resolution. If carried, the motion is then presented to the club members at an appropriately convened A.G.M.
Traditionally nominations have come from past Life Members.
Note that Life Membership may automatically qualify the recipient for the CA Faulds award.
Gold Plated Medallion cast from the Fremantle Hockey Club Mould.
(the mould is usually kept in the Trophy cabinet at FHC)

Not awarded annually


LIFE MEMBERS LIST1947 C A Faulds *               1947 John H Lee *
1947 R C Reitz                  1948 R W Kirk
1952 R D McKenzie            1956 Bruce A Rocke
1959 L C McKenzie           1960 H J Smith
1960 H B Smith *              1963 Robert H Kernaghen
1963 C G Walker               1964 Harley D Marks
1967 Charlie A Johnson  1968 Ernest L Burgess *
1969 John S Martin            1971 Ron Brown
1974 Jack C Rickie             1977 Orm J Richardson
1977 Fred W Strother       1980 Jim Banks
1980 Kevin Martin              1980 Keith Smith
1980 Geoff Gurney             1983 Vic Logan
1983 Steve Beard              1983 Phil Martin
1985 Richard A Faulds     1986 Ian Elder
1990 Ian D Sills                  1991 Brian A Ainsworth
1993 Ken Rennie                1996 Bruce Golding
1997 Ian J Brown                2000 Patricia Hanson
2001 Graeme Nicholls     2003 Glenn Strother
2006 Julian Rayney         2007 Andrew Robertson
2008 Wayne Blazejczyk  2009 Greg Bird
2012 Lee Abbott     2016 Tania Smith


Fremantle Hockey Ladies Club –  LIFE MEMBERS
(Not all dates passed on)

Mrs R Hunter
Mr J. Lee
Mrs M. Connell
Miss K. Gruer
Mrs June Capes – 1971
Miss L Packham – 1965
Bev Tingley
Jan Peake
Gail Mounsey – 1984
Bev Campbell – 1985
E. Haskell
M. Porter
J. Barclay
J. McMeekin
Carolyn Banks


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