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Mixed Orders are accepted in full carton lots (12 bottles)

Plantagenet Samson 2017 Rosé $125/dozen: Tasting Notes 

Plantagenet Samson 2014 Sauvignon Blanc Semillon $125/dozen:Tasting Notes

Omrah 2013 Chardonnay $125/dozen : Tasting Notes

Happs 2012 Late Picked Semillon (sweet) $125/dozen : Tasting Notes

Omrah 2014 Shiraz $125/dozen : Tasting Notes

Omrah 2013 Cabernet Merlot $125/dozen : Tasting Notes

Omrah 2013 Pinot Noir $125/dozen : Tasting Notes

You won’t be disappointed. These are good wines at really good prices!  

Fill in an order form or contact Andrew Robertson on ajhome@aras.net.au or 0417 927 034. Pay by transfer to our account, by card (1% surcharge), cheque or cash. Payment details are on the wine order form.

2018 Wine Order Form