Donate to the FHC Lakelands Turf Project

We are fundraising to support FHC relocation and construction of artificial hockey turf and associated clubrooms via the Australian Sports Foundation.

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Our Project

With the support of the City of Cockburn, the Department of Education, The Department of Sports and Recreation and Hockey WA, The Fremantle Hockey Club will relocate to a new $6.5 million facility at Lakelands Reserve at the start of 2019. Our new home will comprise an artificial turf, new clubrooms and grass grounds. This development is a major boost to hockey in the south west metropolitan area. Organised hockey will become local for the children of Cockburn for the first time. It is a dream come true for the club but we need to raise a further $250,000 over the next two years to bring the project to fruition.

The  FHC Lakelands Turf Project will build an artificial turf on land leased from Department of Education with adjoining clubroom facilities at Lakelands Reserve. The project will establish new shared community and sporting facilities on Lakelands Reserve and provide opportunity for a specialist hockey program at the adjacent secondary school and nearby primary schools. Growth in local community hockey participation is expected.
The project will provide FHC with first class hockey facilities. High performance and everyday players will train and play at the same ground.  Achieving sporting success also requires access to the best facilities and strong organisational and community support.

A donation to the FHC Lakelands Turf Project will:

•    Relocate FHC and unlock the potential growth in Cockburn without loss of its Fremantle player base
•    Construct an artificial turf
•    Access larger clubrooms for FHC and the wider community
•    Increase opportunities for players’ skills development and ensure a pathway to international hockey representation.
•    Enhance the FHC family, with all players training and playing at the same location
•    Generate increased social opportunities that encourage interaction between members and the community at all age levels
•    Increase the competitiveness of FHC at all levels
•    Create a legacy for future generations
•    Create hockey and other sporting opportunities in an area highlighted for recreational and population growth as Cockburn has no existing hockey clubs
•    Encourage junior participation and increase FHC membership within a developing catchment
•    Provide local schools with access to state-of-the-art sporting facilities