Lakelands Turf Project


Our Lakelands Turf Project is a reality!

There are so many people to thank but let me start by thanking all our club members and supporters who never gave up!

It took many years, it was frustrating at times but the club is now poised to enter a new era.

Technically, now known as the Hockey Turf and Multi-Purpose Facility Development, our project is only possible because the City of Cockburn, The Department of Sport and Recreation and the Department of Education/Lakeland Senior High School have contributed significant money or land.  Support from Hockey WA has been critical in gaining grant funds and will remain critical because we need competitive fixtures to ensure the economic future of our turf operations.

We need to be genuinely grateful to all these parties.

And what about the turf sponsors who have provided expertise and services just to get us to this point? We’ll recognise and thank them in many ways as design and construction proceeds.

Our next great hurdle is to raise a further $270,000!

We will keep fundraising and we desperately need your help to include your friends, family and colleagues in our wine sales, golf day, garage sale and the like. We also need your ideas and management skills to develop new fundraising opportunities.

Fundraising alone will not crack it

We need donations and project sponsorships. The ASF has approved tax deductible status for donations to our project ( You can get a tax deduction by donating before June 30 this year and then again for the next 2 years.

Make our project your chosen ‘charity’ until we have built our turf.

Not everybody can afford to donate much or has great business connections but ask yourself how you can help. Think hard, is there really no potential sponsor that you could introduce us to? Is there really no way you can donate? For example, you could umpire and then donate your game fee to the project – not every week, just as you can afford it. Just a few years ago players umpired for free!

If we don’t raise the cash, we will need to seek a loan to meet our commitment to the project. Starting with a debt to repay will stress all club members and prolong our heavy fundraising effort.

Don’t look away, you know YOUR enthusiasm and direct contribution really matters.

(Andrew Robertson)


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