Player Sponsorship

Fremantle Hockey Club (FHC) members & supporters are encouraged to partner with a “player sponsor” for the 2018 season. FHC player sponsorship can be registered as a tax deduction for businesses and is a great way to support the future development of players.

Player sponsorship will cover the player’s season fees and the player will remain responsible for paying their weekly match fees.

The Fremantle Hockey Club player sponsorship does not fall within the FHC Corporate Sponsor packages. It is a separate personal sponsorship to the FHC player supporting them and in turn the Fremantle Hockey Club.

Types & Cost of Sponsorship

  1. Single Player – $675 (annual)
  2. Two or more players – $625 (annual per player)

Sponsorship Benefits

Player sponsors will be provided the following benefits:

  • Player allocated to sponsor, photograph noting sponsor displayed in clubrooms
  • Photograph and certificate sent to sponsor
  • Advertising on Fremantle Hockey Club website and Club Magazine to members
  • Invitation to a Classic League game and afternoon tea with the Classic League players
  • Invitation to Sponsors Event

Player Responsibilities

The sponsored players will have an ongoing obligation during the season to ensure that their sponsor is receiving the above benefits. Players will also be required to meet and greet the sponsor at FHC for particular events and host them at FHC when required.

Fremantle Hockey Club Responsibilities

Vice-Presidents, Treasurer and Coach to generally co-ordinate the sponsorship and administer funds accordingly.

For further information or clarification please contact:
Rob McPherson | President | E: | P: 0417 098 546

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