Walking Hockey

Since May 2019 we have been running a Walking Hockey program at FCHC and what a success it has been.  We now have a wider group of 50 participants, with around 25-30 playing every week across our 2 sites (grass & turf), mixed gender with ages spanning the 30's to the 80 year olds,  The group range from Olympians to people picking up a stick for the first time in their 50's and it's a wonderful way to keep engaged in hockey when you may no longer be able to play 'regular' games. 
So what is Walking Hockey? Quite simply it’s Hockey, but Walking!  The program is designed to aid an active lifestyle, regardless of age, health and ability, it also serves as a way for former players to get back into hockey. The modified short format is a less physically demanding version of the game, but players still have chance to show off their skills and of course enjoy the social fun of being part of a team!  We are witnessing some incredible health benefits across the participants with improvements in movement, balance, hand/eye co-ordination and most importantly, Happiness. 

Here's what some of our regulars have to say:


"Since i have been playing and coaching Walking Hockey it has rekindled my passion for the game"

Just to say a huge thank you to you for a fabulous 6/7 months of walking Hockey.  I hadn’t played for more years than I care to remember and only came along to watch.  Yeah right!! Jim had me on the field within 5 minutes and I have not looked back.  You have made the matches so entertaining ( no further comment on that), thank you for some great, fun games and morning tea conversations."


"I had a lovely time and I thank all of you for my share of the fun"


"I had given up playing hockey after 55 years from juniors to masters and thought that, after about 13 years of no play, I would never pick  up a stick again so Walking Hockey got me finding three old sticks and fronting up at Stevens on Fridays.  It has been great fun and I also enjoyed the tea and cake after the game!  Due to many Friday engagements, I found I was able to get my Walking Hockey kicks on Mondays at The Nest and found a more challenging environment with players who, like myself, prior to long breaks, had played for many years so there were very competitive games with limited rest breaks due to the smaller group there.  However, the morning teas of Fridays were replaced by a welcome beer from the bar."


"A big thanks for everyone involved in walking hockey. I really enjoyed the opportunity to get back into hockey. I'd like to thank all of you for making it so enjoyable"


"After watching my son play hockey for so many years I have enjoyed being able to play myself.  Thanks  all who come to the Tuesday coaching sessions, without them I am not sure I would have had the ability or confidence to play the games; and thanks to all who have been part of the Friday games for your patience, support, assistance and for making the sessions a fun way to play and gain some fitness."

Join us every Monday, 4pm to 5pm at the Lakelands Hockey Facility, 84 South Lake Drive, South Lake or every Friday, 9.30am to 10.30am at Stevens Reserve, Fremantle.  Please contact Matt on operations@freohockey.com if you require any further information, or join our FCHC Walking Hockey Facebook Group

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